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iwant_skinny wrote in youngrestless
can someone please update me on the show?
I havent watched in about 3 weeks.
What have i missed?
I havent watched the ep yet, but im at the part where some woman (possibly Diane) is lying in a river face down...?

what's going on....?

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Diane decided to blackmail about half the town. Namely: Victor, Adam, Jack, Abby, etc. So when she turned up dead (yes, that was Diane in the creek) now everyone's a suspect since not only did they all have motive, Diane had also texted them all to meet her at the footbridge. And they did.

Oh, and Ronan's back too since "someone" has to be the hotshot detective to supposedly figure it all out.

and Ashley was confronted by Diane before she died, Diane spilled the beans about her tryst with Tucker. Ashley moved out of Tuckers apartment.

and Billy left for Hong Kong.

but I think that's about it.

I'm lost on the Lily/Cane storyline. When did she get with Daniel? And why isn't Cane's father in jail?

Go on vacation for two weeks and I'm lost!

i know, i deleted 2 weeks worth and i'm like "huh?"

oh another murder mystery. gotta use that jail/courthouse scenery or it will get repo'd i suppose

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