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angelina - are u gonna eat that???
iwant_skinny wrote in youngrestless


Cried my eyes out.

I admit, usually when Cane and Lily were on the screen, I fast forward through it. It usually made me either gag or bored.

But when I saw Cane get shot, and the babies go rolling down the church steps, omg, I could not stop crying.

I am a new mother (well, my daughter is a little over a year old), so of course all I could think about was those little dolls without a daddy.


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I'm not very pleased about this tragic turn of events.

me either.
like, why would they do that to cane?
i also didn't like that colin was all of a sudden sad over his "son"

Unfortunately for us, the death of Cane means a new beginning for Daniel Goddard. Whenever I think to myself "No, don't kill off so-and-so!" it might be what the actor wants. But anyway, it's sad they would kill off Cane with his babies so little and wanting to turn over a new leaf, again. Poor Lily!

I'm sure the death of Cassie caused a greater uproar, because that was totally for the sake of the story, not because Camryn Grimes was fired or wanted to leave. So in the case of Cane, I'm not 100% sure. It sucks. If they ever killed off Michael, I would downright boycott the show :)

I like the Colin/remorse angle, actually. We'll see how that turns out. Jill's gotta lay off the worship though. It's really lame.

I agree about Michael.
I feel the same about Kevin and Kathryn too.
I am NOT lookng forward to the day where Kathryn goes.

i didn't see any spoilers of this happening or any info of the actor playing cane leaving the show... does anybody know if he dies?

I'm pretty sure he's dead, but who knows since people come back from the dead sometimes. Maybe he's going to be a ghost for some time.

I was finally beginning to take to the Cain character... this really sucks. And Blake was hot so WTF???

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