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Y&R on 12/23
VR Heritage Rose
versailles_rose wrote in youngrestless
Looks like Victor gets his very own episode on 12/23. He's getting visits from ghosts of Christmas Past. Wow. So Original. (not!)

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I'm really bummed about this. Christian got his Christmas episode two years ago. Then got an Emmy for it. Last year Billy got the New Year's episode... And then an Emmy. I agree they both deserve their Emmys, I was just really hoping a certain someone else would get the holiday episode this year. And yes, subsequently his own well-deserved Emmy.

And as for Victor - wasn't the point of A Christmas Carol that Scrooge LEARNED from his past mistakes and actually changed his ways to better his life and the lives of those close to him? Somehow I don't see that happening with Victor.

You are SO RIGHT! I don't see Victor changing either.

Unless Hope, Sabrina and maybe Julia come back and torture him a la 'the Witches of Eastwick' (only they're dead)... I'm really not interested.

I hate these episodes. I hated the Billy one and I hated the Victor one. The best one in recent past was the one with Michael

but they pretty much suck

*yawn* Thanks for letting me know, I'll be sure NOT to tune in. :)

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