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lesh wrote in youngrestless
I have a couple of opinions.

Kevin and Jana were my favourite couple forever. It was so nice to see Kevin turn over a new leaf and find true love, and Jana was as intense and giving as Kevin is. He had really met his match. So when Ryder came between them... as hot and wrong as it totally was... I was heartbroken to see them just dissolve so quickly. But now, I'm glad Jana is seeing the loss and I am interested to see what lengths she will go to to get her man. Of course I would like to see them together again one day, but ultimately it is Kevin's happiness I want.

Regarding the Daisy/Daniel thing... I'm on the fence. I love to see all the great Y&R villains turn good at some point, so that is what is driving me crazy. Is she faking this or not? Daniel keeps fucking up in all areas of his life, so no matter what the outcome, I hope he smartens up here. Phyllis is completely selfless in her decision to take Daisy in.

Soap Digest recently voted the recast of Heather as the worst of the year. I agree with every word they said. Great actress and would serve better as a whole other character, but as Paul Williams' daughter? Nuh-uh.

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Eons ago, Michael was the bad guy. Now look at him. Will Daisy reform? Who knows?

Now, Sharon - there's someone who is #1 on the dumb as dirt list!

I know! I say it all the time... Michael is my favourite bad boy turned good. He's so perfectly written.

I can't stand the actress that plays Daisy. If she IS reformed I hope she's either recast or dies in a fire trying to save her baby

I loved Jana and Kevin too.. but Jana seems to have lost any spark of life after her kidnapping. They don't belong together anymore.

I can't take this new Heather. Whenever she's onscreen I fast forward. She just seems to have all these inappropriate reactions in her scenes. Horrible

The actress that plays Daisy is gorgeous, but little else. She wasn't convincing at being evil, and I doubt she would be as nice. She just comes off as fake either way, so that is why I'm having a hard time deciphering where her character is going.

I hope that Jana and Kevin get back together too. Not just yet tho.
And if/when they do, I want it to be like nothing happened, in the sense that Jana get all spiritual again and Kevin is totally in love with her.
But for now, I'm loving the Kevin/Chloe thing.

Daisy, I hate her face.
I hope Kevin get custody of the baby, while Daisy dies during Childbirth.
Daniel needs to be a man.
He is 25 years old, and needs to grow up and needs to acknowledge that the baby is innocent.

What Phyllis is doing is totally selfless. I applaud her.

As for heather, I want the old one back. or a new Hot one.
This one is plain, stupid and can't act worth a shit.
I have literally crapped out more talent.

Just my opinion =P

hahahaha... crapped out more talent! made me laugh so hard, and i'm sure it's the truth.

Haha, glad you got a laugh out of it.
it's so true.

This Kevin/adoption angle is very interesting. My mom had to remind me that he is the baby's uncle because it completely passed me by :) And I doubt they will kill off Daisy. They have to have a reason for the child's life to be shaken in the future.

And I agree wholeheartedly about Daniel. He keeps making very bad decisions and mixing with the wrong people. I think he is better than that, but I also believe he is not ready to be a father, so I support his wish to have the baby adopted and have a semi-normal life.

Soap Digest recently voted the recast of Heather as the worst of the year. I agree with every word they said.

totally agreed!

i can't even watch the daisy story. as someone very familiar with the WI DOC there is NO WAY IN HELL they would allow this. it's so far fetched it makes me physically ill. I can put up with all the flaws in the visitation scenes but this is too much. that and the actress can't act!! such a waste of daniel, makes him look like a jerk and he isn't.
couldn't they find an actress that looks remotely like paul like the last one? such a waste of that actress.

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