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nick and sharon.
faraday & sawyer.
vidiva wrote in youngrestless
although i'm a sharon + nick fan, (been watching them as a little girl ever since they existed as a couple, so it's hard not to be a fan) they are f-ing annoying!

i'm also a HUGE fan of phylis and jack together, always have been.. hated seeing them apart at first but loved that they were still friends. they compliment each other so well.

but seriously nick and sharon, how about a little time before getting back together?! they are so dumb. seriously sharon, don't you have unresolved feelings for adam? and nick, are you addicted to being married or something? LAME! i know nick as always been and will always be the love of sharons life, but i would have LOVED for her to have a little self respect for once when it comes to him and not be with him at least for a little while. and it would have been great to see nick without a woman for once.. what would he have done with this main women rejecting him? blaaaaaah!

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Nick and Sharon just don't mix. THey are annoying as all fuck. Sharon needs to know that Nick is a miserable dolt who hates it when he doesn't have control of the women in his life. I think the most satisfying episode was when Phyllis finally got the gall to tell him off and realized how she was being treated.

I think that in the old days of Soaps they would have certainly extended this storyline for much longer. Now they basically set something up and get it over with relatively quickly. AKA...Meggie turning out to be crazy...never saw that coming and it was rushed.

"I'm going to get Nikki I'm going to marry Victor and kill him....I'm arrested." Me: Ummm.....what just happened?!

In the good old days, Victor would have found NIkki in bed with Deacon, married Meggie and over time she would have started to poison him as Kay's husband tried to warn him by tapping morse code. Noah would have figured it out because he was an old boyscout, tried to rescue Victor but end up facing his wrath...then Victor would have realized the truth and everything that happened in three weeks time would have transpired over a year. YAY!

Now we get rushed stories that make us tilt our heads and ask, "Why is this happening? Why do I care about a dead son that was never mentioned before? Why is everyone at the ranch like they were all in on it and acting very akwardly because the script was handed to them a day ago and they have never worked with these people nor involved with their storyline."

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There is something to be said for a storyline that takes forever. THe Adam storyline took FOREVER but it had such a great pay off. That's why storylines NEED to sometimes take forever. They build up the suspense so when it all blows basically are having an orgasm because it's so exciting. I don't think all storylines need to take forever...but ones like I'm so happy that the Sarah/Lauren storyline didn't take forever.

they're boring, hes controlling, she's submissive.. it's just a horrible pair

but they're the new Victor and Nikki so get used to the disfunction (without the FUN)

I seriously hate them together. Sharon was fun as a homicidal sex maniac but otherwise .. she and her *MAGIC VAGINA* that all men just WANT TO MARRY make me ill

totes agree with every word!

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