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sam weir.
vidiva wrote in youngrestless

please, pleeeeeeeeeease! don't let daisy's baby be daniel's. i'm so not in the mood for that type of bs storyline. please! ugh.

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Totally agree. Just cart her off to jail already. Uggh.

I keep half expecting her to produce a basketball from under her shirt I swear... kind of like ashley and the 'robert' blanket

hahaha, i was really thinking that she would be faking it!

I can't fucking STAND this actress. Daisy could be such a great character but she's just horrible

I kind of hope it is his, but that she gets written off while in jail. I hate the actress that plays Daisy, but I think Daniel dealing with a demon spawn would be an interesting watch.

I keep thinking it's really Ryder's. *shudder*

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