Yvonne Zima OUT at Y&R! But is Someone Else Being Shown The Front Door Too?
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Many soap fans, and in particular those who watch the number one soap, The Young and the Restless will be pleased with this bit of news courtesy of Nelson Branco of Soap Opera Uncensored! The most hated character probably in the history of the soap, Daisy, is finally being written out! That means her portrayer, the also heavily maligned, Yvonne Zima is out! According to Branco, “Insiders confirmed that Zima has been let go from Y&R, and she won’t be back. The actress filmed her last scenes this week!”

However, that is not all folks! Branco also reports that another controversial actor has been let go at Y&R! But he cannot reveal whom, as it would spoil a major story twist!” However, he did give a hint! “The actor in question will finish filming his last scenes next week.”

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can someone please update me on the show?
I havent watched in about 3 weeks.
What have i missed?
I havent watched the ep yet, but im at the part where some woman (possibly Diane) is lying in a river face down...?

what's going on....?

Writer's Block: No reservations required
If you could go out to dinner with a character from a current TV show, who would you choose, and why?

phhht... that's easy


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angelina - are u gonna eat that???
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Ronan and Chloe community
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For any Ronan/Chloe shippers, I've created a new community for them. If you're a fan please come check out and join ronan_chloe.

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Y&R on 12/23
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Looks like Victor gets his very own episode on 12/23. He's getting visits from ghosts of Christmas Past. Wow. So Original. (not!)

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I have a couple of opinions.

Kevin and Jana were my favourite couple forever. It was so nice to see Kevin turn over a new leaf and find true love, and Jana was as intense and giving as Kevin is. He had really met his match. So when Ryder came between them... as hot and wrong as it totally was... I was heartbroken to see them just dissolve so quickly. But now, I'm glad Jana is seeing the loss and I am interested to see what lengths she will go to to get her man. Of course I would like to see them together again one day, but ultimately it is Kevin's happiness I want.

Regarding the Daisy/Daniel thing... I'm on the fence. I love to see all the great Y&R villains turn good at some point, so that is what is driving me crazy. Is she faking this or not? Daniel keeps fucking up in all areas of his life, so no matter what the outcome, I hope he smartens up here. Phyllis is completely selfless in her decision to take Daisy in.

Soap Digest recently voted the recast of Heather as the worst of the year. I agree with every word they said. Great actress and would serve better as a whole other character, but as Paul Williams' daughter? Nuh-uh.

nick and sharon.
faraday & sawyer.
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sam weir.
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